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Chapter XX.—The way of darkness.

But the way of darkness 1713 is crooked, and full of cursing; for it is the way of eternal 1714 death with punishment, in which way are the things that destroy the soul, viz., idolatry, over-confidence, the arrogance of power, hypocrisy, double-heartedness, adultery, murder, rapine, haughtiness, transgression, 1715 deceit, malice, self-sufficiency, poisoning, magic, avarice, 1716 want of the fear of God. [In this way, too,] are those who persecute the good, those who hate truth, those who love falsehood, those who know not the reward of righteousness, those who cleave not to that which is good, those who attend not with just judgment to the widow and orphan, those who watch not to the fear of God, [but incline] to wickedness, from whom meekness and patience are far off; persons who love vanity, follow after a reward, pity not the needy, labour not in aid of him who is overcome with toil; who are prone to evil-speaking, who know not Him that made them, who are murderers of children, destroyers of the workmanship of God; who turn away him that is in want, who oppress the afflicted, who are advocates of the rich, who are unjust judges of the poor, and who are in every respect transgressors.



Literally, “of the Black One.”


Cod. Sin. joins “eternal” with way, instead of death.


Cod. Sin. reads “transgressions.”


Cod. Sin. omits “magic, avarice.”

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