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His friend 1387 Ignatius to John the holy presbyter.

If thou wilt give me leave, I desire to go up to Jerusalem, and see the faithful 1388 saints who are there, especially Mary the mother, whom they report to be an object of admiration and of affection to all. For who would not rejoice to behold and to address her who bore the true God from her 1389 own womb, provided he is a friend of our faith and religion? And in like manner [I desire to see] the venerable James, who is surnamed Just, whom they relate to be very like Christ Jesus in appearance, 1390 in life, and in method of conduct, as if he were a twin-brother of the same womb. They say that, if I see him, I see also Jesus Himself, as to all the features and aspect of His body. Moreover, [I desire to see] the other saints, both male and female. Alas! why do I delay? Why am I kept back? Kind 1391 teacher, bid me hasten [to fulfil my wish], and fare thou well. Amen.



Literally, “his own.”


Some omit this word.


Literally, “of herself.” Some read, instead of “de se,” “deorum,” when the translation will be, “the true God of gods.”


Or, “face.” Some omit the word.


Or, “good.”

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