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Chapter II.—Youth may be allied with piety and discretion.

But as to those whom we have named being young men, do not, thou blessed one, have any apprehension. For I would have you know that they are wise about the flesh, and are insensible to its passions, they themselves glowing with all the glory of a hoary head through their own 1361 intrinsic merits, and though but recently called as young men to the priesthood. 1362 Now, call thou into exercise 1363 thy thoughts through the Spirit that God has given to thee by Christ, and thou wilt remember 1364 that Samuel, while yet a little child, was called a seer, and was reckoned in the company of the prophets, that he reproved the aged Eli for transgression, since he had honoured his infatuated sons above God the author of all things, and had allowed them to go unpunished, when they turned the office of the priesthood into ridicule, and acted violently towards thy people.



Literally, “in themselves.”


Literally, “in recent newness of priesthood.”


Literally, “call up.”


Literally, “know.”

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