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Chapter VII.—Continuation: inconsistency of Satan.

And how, again, does Christ not at all appear to thee to be of the Virgin, but to be God over all, 1330 and the Almighty? Say, then, who sent Him? Who was Lord over Him? And whose will did He obey? And what laws did He fulfil, since He was subject neither to the will nor power of any one? And while you deny that Christ was born, 1331 you affirm that the unbegotten was begotten, and that He who had no beginning p. 118 was nailed to the cross, by whose permission I am unable to say. But thy changeable tactics do not escape me, nor am I ignorant that thou art wont to walk with slanting and uncertain 1332 steps. And thou art ignorant who really was born, thou who pretendest to know everything.



i.e., so as to have no separate personality from the Father. Comp. Epistle to the Tarsians, chap. ii.


Literally, “and taking away Christ from being born.”


Literally, “double.”

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