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Chapter I.—Reason for writing the epistle.

Being mindful of your love and of your zeal in Christ, which ye have manifested towards us, we thought it fitting to write to you, who display such a godly and spiritual love to the brethren, 1297 to put you in remembrance of your Christian course, 1298 “that ye all speak the same thing, being of one mind, thinking the same thing, and walking by the same rule of faith,” 1299 as Paul admonished you. For if there is one God of the universe, the Father of Christ, “of whom are all things;” 1300 and one Lord Jesus Christ, our [Lord], “by whom are all things;” 1301 and also one Holy Spirit, who wrought 1302 in Moses, and in the prophets and apostles; and also one baptism, which is administered that we should have fellowship with the death of the Lord; 1303 and also one elect Church; there ought likewise to be but one faith in respect to Christ. For “there is one Lord, one faith, one baptism; one God and Father of all, who is through all, and in all.” 1304



Literally, “to your brother-loving spiritual love according to God.”


Literally, “course in Christ.”


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1 Cor. viii. 6.


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Literally, “which is given unto the death of the Lord.”


Eph. iv. 5.

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