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Chapter XI.—Inculcation of various moral duties.

Let no one addicted to idleness eat, 1255 lest he become a wanderer about, and a whoremonger. Let drunkenness, anger, envy, reviling, clamour, and blasphemy “be not so much as named among you.” 1256 Let not the widows live a life of pleasure, lest they wax wanton against the word. 1257 Be subject to Cæsar in everything in which subjection implies no [spiritual] danger. p. 112 Provoke not those that rule over you to wrath, that you may give no occasion against yourselves to those that seek for it. But as to the practice of magic, or the impure love of boys, or murder, it is superfluous to write to you, since such vices are forbidden to be committed even by the Gentiles. I do not issue commands on these points as if I were an apostle; but, as your fellow-servant, I put you in mind of them.



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