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Chapter V.—Denunciation of false teachers.

Whosoever, therefore, declares that there is but one God, only so as to take away the divinity of Christ, is a devil, 1236 and an enemy of all righteousness. He also that confesseth Christ, yet not as the Son of the Maker of the world, but of some other unknown 1237 being, different from Him whom the law and the prophets have proclaimed, this man is an instrument of the devil. And he that rejects the incarnation, and is ashamed of the cross for which I am in bonds, this man is antichrist. 1238 Moreover, he who affirms Christ to be a mere man is accursed, according to the [declaration of the] prophet, 1239 since he puts not his trust in God, but in man. Wherefore also he is unfruitful, like the wild myrtle-tree.



Comp. John vi. 70. Some read, “the son of the devil.”


Or, “that cannot be known.”


Comp. 1 John ii. 22, 1 John iv. 3; 2 John 7.


Jer. xvii. 5.

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