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p. 87

Chapter II.—Christ’s true passion.

Now, He suffered all these things for our sakes, that we might be saved. And He suffered truly, even as also He truly raised up Himself, not, as certain unbelievers maintain, that He only seemed to suffer, as they themselves only seem to be [Christians]. And as they believe, so shall it happen unto them, when they shall be divested of their bodies, and be mere evil spirits. 984

Now, He suffered all these things for us; and He suffered them really, and not in appearance only, even as also He truly rose again. But not, as some of the unbelievers, who are ashamed of the formation of man, and the cross, and death itself, affirm, that in appearance only, and not in truth, He took a body of the Virgin, and suffered only in appearance, forgetting, as they do, Him who said, “The Word was made flesh;” 985 and again, “Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up;” 986 and once more, “If I be lifted up from the earth, I will draw all men unto Me.” 987 The Word therefore did dwell in flesh, for “Wisdom built herself an house.” 988 The Word raised up again His own temple on the third day, when it had been destroyed by the Jews fighting against Christ. The Word, when His flesh was lifted up, after the manner of the brazen serpent in the wilderness, drew all men to Himself for their eternal salvation. 989



Or, “seeing that they are phantasmal and diabolical,” as some render, but the above is preferable.


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