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Chapter XXVI.—We shall rise again, then, as the Scripture also testifies.

Do we then deem it any great and wonderful thing for the Maker of all things to raise up again those that have piously served Him in the assurance of a good faith, when even by a bird He shows us the mightiness of His power to fulfil His promise? 105 For [the Scripture] saith in a certain place, “Thou shalt raise me up, and I shall confess unto Thee;” 106 and again, “I laid me down, and slept; I awaked, because Thou art with me;” 107 and again, Job says, “Thou shalt raise up this flesh of mine, which has suffered all these things.” 108



Literally, “the mightiness of His promise.”


Ps. xxviii. 7, or some apocryphal book.


Comp. Ps. iii. 6.


Job 19:25, 26.

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