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Chapter 100

The Sermon on the Mount, continued. Jesus formulates and presents to the twelve a practical code of spiritual ethics.

1. There is a rule that carnal man has made, and which he rigidly observes:
2. Do unto other men as they do unto you. As others judge, they judge; as others give, they give.
3. Now, while you walk with men as men, judge not, and you shall not be judged.
4. For as you judge you shall be judged, and as you give it shall be given to you. If you condemn, you are condemned.
5. When you show mercy, men are merciful to you, and if you love in such a way that carnal man can comprehend your love, you will be well beloved.
6. And so the wise man of this world does unto other men as he would have them do to him.
7. The carnal man does good to other men for selfish gain, for he expects to have his blessings multiplied and then returned; he does not stop to note the end.
8. Man is himself the field; his deeds are seeds, and what he does to others grows apace; the harvest time is sure.
9. Behold the yield! If he has sown the wind, he reaps the wind; if he has sown the noxious seeds of scandal, theft and hate; of sensuality and crime,
10. The harvest is assured and he must reap what he has sown; yea, more; the seeds produce an hundred fold.
11. The fruit of righteousness and peace and love and joy can never spring from noxious seeds; the fruit is like the seed.
12. And when you sow, sow seeds of right, because it is the right, and not in the way of trade, expecting rich rewards.
13. The carnal man abhors the spirit law, because it takes away his liberty to live in sin; beneath its light he cannot satisfy his passions and desires.
14. He is at enmity with him who walks in Holy Breath. The carnal man has killed the holy men of old, the prophets and the seers.
15. And he will buffet you; will charge you falsely, scourge you and imprison you, and think he does the will of God to slay you in the streets.
16. But you may not prejudge nor censure him who does you wrong.
17. Each one has problems to be solved, and he must solve them for himself.
18. The man who scourges you may have a load of sin to bear; but how about your own?
19. A little sin in one who walks in Holy Breath is greater in the sight of God than monster sins in him who never knew the way.
20. How can you see the splinter in your brother's eye while you have chunks within your own?
21. First take the chunks from out your eye and then you may behold the splinter in your brother's eye and help him take it out,
22. And while your eyes are full of foreign things you cannot see the way, for you are blind,
23. And when the blind lead forth the blind, both lose the way and fall into the slough.
24. If you would lead the way to God you must be clear in sight, as well as pure in heart.

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