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Chapter 99

The Sermon on the Mount, continued. Jesus unfolds to the twelve the spiritual aspects of the ninth Commandment.

1. The law has said: Thou shalt not lie; but in the eyes of law a man to lie must tell in words what is not true.
2. Now, in the light of spirit law, deceit in any form is nothing but a lie.
3. A man may lie by look or act; yea, even by his silence may deceive, and thus be guilty in the eyes of Holy Breath.
4. It has been said in olden times: Thou shalt not swear by thine own life.
5. But, lo, I say, Swear not at all; not by the head, the heart, the eye, nor hand; not by the sun, the moon, nor stars;
6. Not by the name of God, nor by the name of any spirit, good or bad.
7. You shall not swear by anything; for in an oath there is no gain.
8. A man whose word must be propped up by oath of any kind is not trustworthy in the sight of God or man.
9. By oath you cannot make a leaf to fall, nor turn the colour of a hair.
10. The man of worth just speaks and men know that he speaks the truth.
11. The man who pours out many words to make think he speaks the truth, is simply making smoke to hide a lie.
12. And there are many men with seeming double hearts; men who would serve two masters at a time--two masters quite adverse.
13. Men feign to worship God upon the Sabbath day and then pay court to Beelzebul on every other day.
14. No man can serve two masters at a time no more than he can ride two asses at a time that go in different ways.
15. The man who feigns to worship God and Beelzebul is foe of God, a pious devil and a curse of men.
16. And men cannot lay treasures up in heaven and earth at once.
17. Then, lo, I say, Lift up your eyes and see the safety vaults of heaven, and there deposit every gem.
18. Where moth and rust cannot corrupt; where thieves cannot break in and steal.
19. There are no safety vaults on earth; no place secure from moth, and rust and thieves.
20. The treasures of the earth are but illusive things that pass away.
21. Be not deceived; your treasures are the anchor of the soul, and where your treasures are your heart will be.
22. Fix not your heart upon the things of earth; be anxious not about the things to eat, or drink or wear.
23. God cares for those who trust in him and serve the race.
24. Behold the birds! They praise God in their songs; the earth is made more glorious by their ministry of joy; God keeps them in the hollow of his hand,
25. And not a sparrow falls to earth without his care; and every one that falls shall rise again.
26. Behold the flowers of earth! they trust in God and grow; they make the earth resplendent with their beauty and perfume.
27. Look at the lilies of the field, the messengers of holy love. No son of man, not even Solomon in all his excellence, was ever clothed like one of these.
28. And yet they simply trust in God; they feed from out his hand; they lay their heads to rest upon his breast.
29. If God so clothes and feeds the flowers and birds that do his will, will he not feed and clothe his children when they trust in him?
30. Seek first the kingdom of the soul, the righteousness of God, the good of men, and feed, and clothe.

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