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Chapter 87

The Christines go to Cana. Jesus heals a noblesman's child. The Christines go to Capernaum. Jesus provides a spacious home for his mother. He announces his intention to choose twelve apostles.

1. In Nazareth Jesus taught no more; he went with his disciples up to Cana, where, at a marriage feast, he once turned water into wine.
2. And here he met a man of noble birth whose home was in Capernaum, whose son was sick.
3. The man had faith in Jesus' power to heal, and when he learned that he had come to Galilee he went in haste to meet him on the way.
4. The man met Jesus at the seventh hour, and he entreated him to hasten to Capernaum to save hi son.
5. But Jesus did not go; he stood aside in silence for a time, and then he said, Your faith has proved a healing balm; your son is well.
6. The man believed and went his way toward Capernaum and as he went he met a servant from his home who said,
7. My lord, You need not haste; your son is well.
8. The father asked, When did my son begin to mend?
9. The servant said, On yesterday about the seventh hour the fever left.
10. And then the father knew it was the healing balm that Jesus sent that saved his son.
11. In Cana Jesus tarried not he went his way with his disciples to Capernaum, where he secured a spacious house where, with his mother, he could live, where his disciples might repair to hear the Word.
12. He called the men who had confessed their faith in him to meet him in his home, which his disciples called, The school of Christ; and when they came he said to them,
13. This gospel of the Christ must be proclaimed in all the world.
14. This Christine vine will be a mighty vine whose branches will comprise the peoples, tribes and tongues of all the earth.
15. I am the vine; twelve men shall be the branches of the stock, and these shall send forth branches everywhere;
16. And from among the people who have followed me, the Holy Breath will call the twelve.
17. Go now and do your work as you have done your work; but listen for the call.
18. Then the disciples went unto their daily tasks, to do their work as they had done, and Jesus went alone into the Hammoth hills to pray.
19. Three days and nights he spent communing with the Silent Brotherhood; then, in the power of Holy breath he came to call the twelve.

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