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Chapter 86

The Christines are in Nazareth. Jesus speaks in the synagogue. He offends the people and they attempt to kill him. He mysteriously disappears, and returns to the synagogue.

1. The Christines were in Nazareth. It was the Sabbath day, and Jesus went up to the synagogue.
2. The keeper of the books gave one to Jesus and he opened it and read:
3. The Spirit of the Lord has overshadowed me; he has anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; to set the captives free; to open sightless eyes;
4. To bring relief to those oppressed and bruised, and to proclaim, The year of jubilee has come.
5. When he had read these words he closed the book and said, This scripture is fulfilled before your eyes this day. The year of jubilee has come; the time when Israel shall bless the world.
6. And then he told them many thing about the kingdom of the Holy One; about the hidden way of life; about forgiveness of sins.
7. Now, many people knew not who the speaker was: And others said, Is not this Joseph's son? Does not his mother live on Marmion way?
8. And one spoke out and said, This is the man who did such mighty works in Cana, in Capernaum, and in Jerusalem.
9. And then the people said, Physician heal yourself. Do here among your kindred all the mighty works that you have done in other towns.
10. And Jesus said, No prophet is received with honour by the people of his native land; and prophets are not sent to every one.
11. Elijah was a man of God; he had the power and he closed the gates of heaven, and it did not rain for forty months; and when he spoke the Word, the rain come on, the earth brought forth again.
12. And there were many widows in the land; but this Elijah went to none but Zarephath, and she was blessed.
13. And when Elisha lived, lo, many lepers were in Israel, but none were cleansed save one--the Syrian who had faith.
14. You have no faith; you seek for signs to satisfy your curious whims; but you shall see not till you open up your eyes of faith.
15. And then the people were enraged; they rushed upon him, bound him down with cords, and took him to a precipice not far away, intent to cast him down to death;
16. But when they thought they held him fast, he disappeared; unseen he passed among the angry men, and went his way.
17. The people were confounded and they said, What manner of a man is this?
18. And when they came again to Nazareth, they found him teaching in the synagogue.
19. They troubled him no more for they were sore afraid.

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