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Chapter 49

Jesus passes the second brotherhood test, and receives the second degree, JUSTICE.

1. The Logos did not care to rest; he said, Why wait in this luxurious room? I need not rest; my Father's work upon me presses hard.
2. I would go on and learn my lessons all. If there are trials, let them come, for every victory over self gives added strength.
3. And then the guide led on, and in a chamber, dark as night, was Jesus placed and left alone; and days were spent in this deep solitude.
4. And Jesus slept, and in the dead of night a secret door was opened, and, in priest's attire, two men came in; each carried in his hand a little flickering lamp.
5. Approaching Jesus, one spoke out and said, Young man, our hearts are grieved because of what you suffer in these fearful dens, and we have come as friends to bring you light, and show the way to liberty.
6. We once, like you, were in these dens confined, and thought that through these weird, uncanny ways we could attain to blessedness and power;
7. But in a luckful moment we were undeceived, and, making use of all our strength, we broke our chains, and then we learned that all this service is corruption in disguise. These priests are criminals just hid away.
8. They boast in sacrificial rites; they offer to their gods, and burn them while alive poor birds, and beasts; yea, children, women, men.
9. And now they keep you here, and, at a certain time, may offer you in sacrifice.
10. We pray you, brother, break your chains; come, go with us; accept of freedom while you may.
11. And Jesus said, Your little tapers show the light you bring. Pray, who are you? The words of man are worth no more than is the man himself.
12. These temple walls are strong and high; how gained you entrance to this place?
13. The men replied, Beneath these walls are many hidden ways, and we who have been priests, spent months and years within these dens, know all of them.
14. Then you are traitors, Jesus said. A traitor is a fiend; he who betrays another man is never man to trust.
15. If one has only reached the plane of treachery, he is a lover of deceit, and will betray a friend to serve his selfish self.
16. Behold, you men, or whatsoe'er you be, your words fall lightly on my ears,
17. Could I prejudge these hundred priests, turn traitor to myself and them, because of what you say when you confess your treachery?
18. No man can judge for me; and if I judge till testimony all is in I might not judge aright.
19. Nay, men; by whatsoever way you came, return. My soul prefers the darkness of the grave to little flickering lights like these you bring.
20. My conscience rules; what these, my brothers, have to say I'll hear, and when the testimony all is in I will decide. You cannot judge for me, nor I for you,
21. Begone, you men, begone, and leave me to this charming light; for while the sun shines not, within my soul there is a light surpassing that of sun or moon.
22. Then, with an angry threat that they would do him harm, the wily tempters left, and Jesus was again alone.
23. Again the white-robed priest appeared, and led the way, and Jesus stood again before the hierophant;
24. And not a word was said, but in his hands the master placed a scroll on which the word suggestive, JUSTICE, was inscribed.
25. And Jesus was the master of the phantom forms of prejudice and of treachery.

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