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Chapter 48

Jesus receives from the hierophant his mystic name and number. Passes the first brotherhood test, and receives his first degree, SINCERITY.

1. The master took down from the wall a scroll on which was written down the number and the name of every attribute and character. He said,
2. The circle is the symbol of the perfect man, and seven is the number of the perfect man;
3. The Logos is the perfect word; that which creates; that which destroys, and that which saves.
4. This Hebrew master is the Logos of the Holy One, the Circle of the human race, the Seven of time.
5. And in the record book the scribe wrote down, The Logos-Circle-Seven; and thus was Jesus known.
6. The master said, The Logos will give heed to what I say: No man can enter into light till he has found himself. Go forth and search till you have found your soul and then return.
7. The guide led Jesus to a room in which the light was faint and mellow, like the light of early dawn.
8. The chamber walls were marked with mystic signs, with hieroglyphs and sacred texts; and in this chamber Jesus found himself alone where he remained for many days.
9. He read the sacred texts; thought out the meaning of the hieroglyphs and sought the import of the master's charge to find himself.
10. A revelation came; he got acquainted with his soul; he found himself; then he was not alone.
11. One night he slept and at the midnight hour, a door that he had not observed, was opened, and a priest in sombre garb came in and said,
12. My brother, pardon me for coming in at this unseemly hour; but I have come to save your life.
13. You are the victim of a cruel plot. The priests of Heliopolis are jealous of your fame, and they have said that you shall never leave these gloomy crypts alive.
14. The higher priests do not go forth to teach the world, and you are doomed to temple servitude.
15. Now, if you would be free, you must deceive these priests; must tell them you are here to stay for life;
16. And then, when you have gained all that you wish to gain, I will return, and by a secret way will lead you forth that you may go in peace.
17. And Jesus said, My brother man, would you come here to teach deceit? Am I within these holy walls to learn the wiles of vile hypocrisy?
18. Nay, man, my Father scorns deceit, and I am here to do his will.
19. Deceive these priests! Not while the sun shall shine. What I have said, that I have said; I will be true to them, to God, and to myself.
20. And then the tempter left, and Jesus was again alone; but in a little time a white- robed priest appeared and said,
21. Well done! The Logos has prevailed. This is the trial chamber of hypocrisy. And then he led the way, and Jesus stood before the judgement seat.
22. And all the brothers stood; the hierophant came forth and laid his hand on Jesus' head, and placed within his hands a scroll, on which was written just one word, SINCERITY; and not a word was said.
23. The guide again appeared, and led the way, and in a spacious room replete with everything a student craves was Jesus bade to rest and wait.

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