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Section II. The Decade of Ch‘ên Kung


The Ch‘ên Kung; narrative. Instructions given to the officers of husbandry;—probably after the sacrifice to God in spring for a good year.

Ho! ministers of husbandry;
  Your duties reverent care demand.
The king has given you perfect rules;—
  See that those rules ye understand.

Ho! ye who aid the ministers,
  The last month of our spring is here. p. 442
’Tis yours the new-sown fields to tend,
  And manage those in their third year.
How fair each wheat and barley field,
That soon their waving crops shall yield!

In them the bright and glorious God
  Will grant to us a plenteous year;
Give orders that, with spud and hoe
  Provided well, your men appear.
Anon the stalks that rustling stand
Shall fall before the reaper's hand.

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