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The Ssŭ Wên; narrative. Celebrating Hou-chi;—an ode appropriate to the border sacrifice, when Hou-chi was worshiped as the correlate of God.

O thou, accomplished, great Hou-chi,
  To thee alone ’twas given
To be, by what we trace to thee,
  The correlate of Heaven.
On all who dwell within our land
  Grain food didst thou bestow. p. 441
’Tis to thy wonder-working hand
  This gracious boon we owe.
God had the wheat and barley meant
  To nourish all mankind.
None would have fathomed His intent,
  But for thy guiding mind.
Man's social duties thou didst show
  To every tribe and state.
From thee the polished manners flow
  That stamp our land "The Great."

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