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The Book of Odes

by L. Cranmer-Byng


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This selection of poems from the Chinese Book of Odes appeared in the Wisdom of the East series. The Book of Odes, or Shih Ching, is one of the Five Classics from ancient China. A complete translation by Legge is also available at this site.

Title Page
Table of Contents
Editorial Note
The Deserted Wife
King's Messenger
The Tower of Wan
The Slanderers
Love and the Magistrate
City of Chow
Prayer of Ching, I
Prayer of Ching, II
Lady of the Lagoon
Through Eastern Gates
The Straggler
The Happy Man
The Pear Tree
Princely Visitors
The Nightlong Tryst
A Wife's Memories
The Princes
Blue Collar
A Friend Forgotten
The Ephemerae
Happy in Haou
Three Gifts
Brave Thoughts
On the Banks of Ho
Bulwarks of Empire
The Bride Cometh
Before the Ford
Good King Wu
Faint Heart
Without Her
The Forest Lover
The Householders Lament
Grey Dawns and Red