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Now at that time Bhikkhunîs inhibited Bhikkhus from the Uposatha, or from the Pavâranâ, or from the Exhortation, or issued commands to them, or asked them to give them leave to rebuke them, or warned them of some offence they supposed they

p. 359

were committing, or called upon them to remember whether or not they had committed an offence 1.

They told this matter to the Blessed One.

'A Bhikkhunî is not, O Bhikkhus, to perform any one of these official acts towards a Bhikkhu. Should she do so, the act is itself invalid, and she is guilty of a dukkata.'

Now at that time Bhikkhus inhibited Bhikkhunîs [&c., as before, giving the contrary decision].


359:1 On all these official acts of a Bhikkhunî, see the notes above on Kullavagga I, 5.

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