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1. Now Mahâ-pagâpatî the Gotamî went up to the place where the Blessed One was, and bowed down before him, and stood respectfully on one side. And, so standing, Mahâ-pagâpatî the Gotamî spake thus to the Blessed One: 'What course, Lord,

p. 327

should I pursue towards these women of the Sâkya clan?'

Then the Blessed One taught Mahâ-pagâpatî the Gotamî and incited her, and aroused her, and gladdened her with religious discourse; and she, so taught, incited, aroused, and gladdened, bowed down before the Blessed One, and keeping him on net right hand as she passed him, she departed thence.

Then the Blessed One, in that connexion, delivered a religious discourse, and said to the Bhikkhus, 'I allow Bhikkhunîs, O Bhikkhus, to receive the upasampadâ initiation from Bhikkhus 1.'

2. Now those Bhikkhunîs said to Mahâ-pagâpatî the Gotamî: 'Neither have you received the upasampadâ initiation, nor have we; for it has thus been laid down by the Blessed One: "Bhikkhunîs are to be initiated by Bhikkhus."'

Then Mahâ-pagâpatî the Gotamî went to the venerable Ânanda, and [repeated their words to him]. And the venerable Ânanda went to the Blessed One, and [repeated them to him].

'In that moment, Ânanda, when Mahâ-pagâpatî the Gotamî took upon herself the Eight Chief Rules, that was to her as the upasampadâ initiation.'


327:1 Compare the 6th Garudhammâ above, X, 1, 4.

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