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1. Now at that time there was a very valuable rug, and a very valuable piece of cloth, among the bedding furniture belonging to the Samgha.

They told this matter to the Blessed One 3.

'I allow you, O Bhikkhus, to barter either of these things in order to increase the stock of legally permissible furniture 4.'

Now at that time the Samgha had received a

p. 218

bear-skin, and a kakkali 1 rug, and a kolaka cloth 2.

They told this matter to the Blessed One.

'I allow you, O Bhikkhus, to use them as mats to wipe your feet on 3'


217:3 Because such things were forbidden by Mahâvagga V, 10, 4, though kambala is not there specially mentioned.

217:4 Phâtikammatthâyâ ti vaddhikammatthâyâ ti. Vaddhikammatthâya phâtikammam k’ ettha samakam vâ atirekam va agghanakam mañka-pîthâdi-senâsanam eva vattati (B.).

218:1 According to VI, 2, 2, and VI, 3, 5, this could also be used as a screen or curtain over the space in a wall left for a window.

218:2 According to Mahâvagga VIII, 18, this might be used to wipe faces with; and according to Kullavagga V, 9, 4, VI, 19, to place crockery or furniture on. The word kola means simply cotton cloth, but it is clear from these passages that kolaka has some special connotation.

218:3 Not to sit upon.

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