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1. Now at that time a certain Bhikkhu was a ruminator 1, and he, continually ruminating, used to chew the cud.

The Bhikkhus murmured, were annoyed, and were indignant, saying, 'This Bhikkhu eats food out of hours 2.' And they told this matter to the Blessed One.

'This Bhikkhu, O Bhikkhus, has but lately fallen from the condition of being an ox. I allow, O Bhikkhus, to a ruminator the chew of the cud. But nothing, O Bhikkhus, brought from the door of the mouth to the outside thereof is to be so chewed 3. Whosoever does so, shall be dealt with according to the law 4.'


135:1 Romanthaka.

135:2 Which is against the rule laid down in the 27th Pâkittiya.

135:3 That would be a breach of the 30th Pâkittiya.

135:4 That is, according to the 27th, 28th, or 30th Pâkittiya.

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