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1. Now at that time the Bhikkhus, when naked 2, saluted one another, and received salutes; did service to one another, and received services; gave to one another, and accepted; ate, both hard food and soft; tasted; and drank.

They told this matter to the Blessed One.

'A man, O Bhikkhus, when naked, is not to give salutations, nor receive them; is not to do services, nor to accept them 3; is not to give, nor to receive; is not to eat either hard or soft; is not to taste; is not to drink. Whosoever does so, shall be guilty of a dukkata.'


110:2 That is, while in the Gantâghara, which explains the otherwise inexplicable fact of this chapter being inserted here instead of at the commencement of 16. 2.

110:3 In Mahâvagga I, 25, 13, services are to be rendered to a Bhikkhu who is in the bath. This is permitted by 16. 2 below.

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