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1. Now the venerable Upâli went up to the place where the Blessed One was; and on arriving there, he saluted the Blessed One, and took his seat on one side. And when he was so seated the venerable Upâli said to the Blessed One: 'Now in what case, Lord, can there be an interruption of the Mânatta discipline 2 of a Bhikkhu who is undergoing that discipline?'

There are four ways of interruption of the Mânatta discipline, O Upâli, of a Bhikkhu who is undergoing that discipline; (that is to say), by dwelling together 3, by dwelling alone 3, by not announcing 3, and by living with less than four other Bhikkhus 4. These are the four ways (&c., as before, down to) undergoing that discipline.'


395:2 See chapter 2, note 1.

395:3 See the notes above on chapter 2.

395:4 The Samanta Pâsâdikâ says, ûne gane ti kattâro vâ atirekâ vâ.

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