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1. Now at that time Bhikkhus, who had rendered themselves liable to be thrown back to the commencement (of their probationary course) 2, used to

p. 394

accept reverence [&c., as before in chapter 1, reading throughout 'Bhikkhus liable to be thrown back to the beginning of their probationary course' for 'Bhikkhus who had been placed on probation 1;' and omitting in chapter 2 the announcements referred to there in our note].


393:2 This is fully explained in the next Khandhaka.

394:1 In the text alter the words 'Instead of samghena parivâso dinno hoti read samghena mûlâya patikassanâraho kato hoti' into 'Instead of parivâsikâ bhikkhû read mûlâya patikassanârahâ bhikkhû.'

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