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At that time the Bhikkhus appointed to lay the robes by, laid the robes by in an open hall, or at the foot of a tree, or in the hollow of a Nimba tree 1; thus they were eaten by rats and white ants.

They told this thing to the Blessed One.

I prescribe, O Bhikkhus, that you appoint what the Samgha chooses, a Vihâra, or an Addhayoga 2, or a storied building, or an attic, or a cave, to be the store-room 3 (of the Samgha).

p. 202

'And you ought, O Bhikkhus, to appoint it in this way: Let a learned, competent Bhikkhu proclaim the following ñatti before the Samgha: "Let the Samgha, reverend Sirs, hear me. If the Samgha is ready, let the Samgha appoint the Vihâra called N. N, to be the store-room (of the Samgha), (&c., the usual formula of a ñaattidutiya kamma)."'


201:1 Compare III, 12, 5.

201:2 Compare I, 30, 4.

201:3 The word bhandâgâra does not imply any special reference to robes more than to any other articles belonging to the Samgha. A good many things which were usually kept in the bhandâgâra are mentioned at Kullav. VI, 21, 3.

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