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1. At that time the fraternity got robes of different kinds. Now the Bhikkhus thought: 'What robes are allowed to us by the Blessed One, and what robes are not allowed?'

They told this thing to the Blessed One.

'I allow you, O Bhikkhus, six kinds of robes, viz.

p. 197

those made of linen, of cotton, of silk, of wool, of coarse cloth, and of hempen cloth.'

2. At that time the Bhikkhus accepted lay robes, but did not get pamsukûla robes, because they had scruples (and thought): 'The Blessed One has allowed us either kind of robes only, not both kinds 1.'

They told this thing to the Blessed One.

'I allow, O Bhikkhus, that he who accepts lay robes, may get also pamsukûla robes. If you are pleased with those both sorts of robes, I approve that also.'


197:1 See chap. 1, § 35.

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