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'A Bhikkhu, after the Kathina ceremony has been held, takes a robe not ready, and goes away. And when he has got beyond the boundary he thinks, "I will have the robe made up here, and will never go back;" and he gets the robe made up, &c. 3'


End of the section entitled Âdâya-khakka 4.



160:3 Six of the seven cases specified in chap. 2 (with the exception of the first of the seven) are repeated here in the same words, with the only difference that instead of 'takes a robe' it is said here 'takes a robe not ready.' The first case is necessarily omitted, because it is essential to that case, that the Bhikkhu going away takes with him a robe ready for wear.

160:4 'The six cases in which he takes a robe away.'

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