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1. Now at that time, seedlings belonging to the Samgha grew upon private ground, and seedlings belonging to private persons grew upon ground which was the property of the Samgha.

They told this thing to the Blessed One.

'Of seedlings belonging to the Samgha, grown upon private ground, half the produce, O Bhikkhus, you may have, when you have given a part to the private owner. Of seedlings belonging to a private person, grown upon ground the property of the Samgha, you may have the use, when you have given a part to the private owner 1.'


143:1 Buddhaghosa explains the 'part' (bhâgam) as the twelfth part, which, he says, is in accordance with the ancient custom of India. Used absolutely, as in this passage, bhâga usually means 'half.'

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