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1. Now at that time edible fruit was very plentiful in Sâvatthi, but there was no one to make it allowable 2. And the Bhikkhus, fearing to offend, would not eat of it.

They told that thing to the Blessed One.

'I allow you, O Bhikkhus, to eat fruit which has not yet had any seed in it, or which has no more seed in it, even without any one being there to make it allowable 3.'


78:2 See above, VI, 17, 7.

78:3 Buddhaghosa says, abîgan ti taruna-phalam; yassa bîgam aṅkuram na ganeti. Nibbatta-bîgan (nivatta-bîgan?) ti bîgam nibbattetva (nivattetvâ?) apanetvâ.

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