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1. Now at that time a certain Bhikkhu had an eruption 1 on his feet. They used to carry that Bhikkhu out when he wanted to ease himself. The Blessed One as he was passing through the sleeping places (of the Bhikkhus) saw them (doing so), and going up to them, he said:

2. 'What is the disease, O Bhikkhus, from which this Bhikkhu suffers?'

This venerable brother has an eruption on his feet, Lord, and we are carrying him out to ease himself.'

Then, on that occasion, the Blessed One, having delivered a religious discourse, addressed the Bhikkhus, and said:

'I enjoin, O Bhikkhus, the use of foot coverings

p. 20

by one whose feet hurt him, or are blistered, or who has an eruption on his feet.'


19:1 Pâdakhîlâbâdho nâma pâdato khîla-sadisam mamsam nikkhantam hoti (B.).

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