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1. Now the Blessed One, having dressed early in the morning, went into Râgagaha, duly bowled and robed, for alms, with a certain Bhikkhu as his companion. And that Bhikkhu followed limping step by step behind the Blessed One.

p. 17

Now a certain lay-disciple who had put on a pair of shoes with many linings, saw the Blessed One approaching from afar. And when he saw him, he took off that pair of shoes and went up to the Blessed One, and saluted him; and went on to that Bhikkhu, and saluted him, and said:

2. 'Why does your reverence limp?'

My feet, friend, are blistered.'

'But here, Sir, are shoes.'

'Enough, good friend! shoes with linings have been forbidden by the Blessed One.'

'Take the shoes, O Bhikkhu 1!'

Then the Blessed One, on that occasion, having delivered a religious discourse, addressed the Bhikkhus, and said:

I allow you, O Bhikkhus, the use of shoes with linings, when they have been cast off by others 2. But new shoes with linings are not to be worn. Whosoever does so, is guilty of a dukkata offence.'


17:1 This must be understood as spoken by the Buddha.

17:2 Omukkan ti patimuñkitvâ apanîtam (B.).

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