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Principal Teachings of The True Sect of Pure Land

by Yejitsu Okusa


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This is a short book about the Pure Land Sect of Buddhism, specifically the Japanese Jodo Shinshui sect. It includes an historical account of the group, starting with the founder, Shinran Shonin, a 10th century CE Japanese monk. There are descriptions of the sacred texts of the group, as well as their theology, a doctrine of salvation through devotion to Amida, 'the leader of all the Buddhas' (Amitabha in Sanskrit). Pure Land is a very popular school of Buddhism, both in Japan and throughout East Asia.

Title Page

I. History

I. Shinran Shōnin
II. The Hongwan-ji
III. The Eastern Hongwanji

II. Teachings of the True Sect of Pure Land

I. The Canonical Books
II. Systematisation
III. Why Called the True Sect of Pure Land?
IV. Salvation
V. Faith
VI. Life