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The Jataka, Volume I, tr. by Robert Chalmers, [1895], at

p. 246

No. 104.


"From four to eight."--This story was told by the Master while at Jetavana, concerning an unruly Brother. The incidents are the same as those in the previous story of Mittavindaka 1, but belong to the days of the Buddha Kassapa.


[414] Now at that time one of the damned who had put on the circlet and was suffering the tortures of hell, asked the Bodhisatta--"Lord, what sin have I committed?" The Bodhisatta detailed the man's evil deeds to hire and uttered this stanza:--

From four to eight, to sixteen thence, and so
To thirty-two insatiate greed doth go,
--Still pressing on till insatiety
Doth win the circlet's griding misery 2.

So saying he went back to the Realm of Devas, but the other abode in hell till his sin had been purged from him. Then he passed thence to fare according to his deserts.


His lesson ended, the Master identified the Birth by saying, "This unruly Brother was then Mittavindaka and I the Deva."


246:1 No. 41.

246:2 Part of these lines occur in the Pañca Tantra 98.

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