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Young's Literal Translation: 3 John

1:1 The Elder to Gaius the beloved, whom I love in truth!

1:2 beloved, concerning all things I desire thee to prosper, and to be in health, even as thy soul doth prosper,

1:3 for I rejoiced exceedingly, brethren coming and testifying of the truth in thee, even as thou in truth dost walk;

1:4 greater than these things I have no joy, that I may hear of my children in truth walking.

1:5 Beloved, faithfully dost thou do whatever thou mayest work to the brethren and to the strangers,

1:6 who did testify of thy love before an assembly, whom thou wilt do well, having sent forward worthily of God,

1:7 because for [His] name they went forth, nothing receiving from the nations;

1:8 we, then, ought to receive such, that fellow-workers we may become to the truth.

1:9 I did write to the assembly, but he who is loving the first place among them -- Diotrephes -- doth not receive us;

1:10 because of this, if I may come, I will cause him to remember his works that he doth, with evil words prating against us; and not content with these, neither doth he himself receive the brethren, and those intending he doth forbid, and out of the assembly he doth cast.

1:11 Beloved, be not thou following that which is evil, but that which is good; he who is doing good, of God he is, and he who is doing evil hath not seen God;

1:12 to Demetrius testimony hath been given by all, and by the truth itself, and we also -- we do testify, and ye have known that our testimony is true.

1:13 Many things I had to write, but I do not wish through ink and pen to write to thee,

1:14 and I hope straightway to see thee, and mouth to mouth we shall speak. Peace to thee! salute thee do the friends; be saluting the friends by name.

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