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Jacob, reconciled with Esau, dwells in Canaan and supports his Parents (xxix. 13-20; Cf. Gen. xxxii., xxxiii.).

13. And he passed over the Jabbok 5 in the ninth month, on the eleventh thereof. And on that day Esau, his brother, came to him, and he was reconciled to him, and departed from him unto the land of Seir, but Jacob dwelt in tents. 14. And in the first
2136 A.M.
year of the fifth week in this jubilee he crossed the Jordan, and dwelt beyond the Jordan, and he pastured his sheep from the sea †of the heap† 6 unto Bethshan, 7 and unto Dothan and unto the †forest† 8 of Akrabbim. 15. And he sent to his father Isaac of all his substance, clothing, and food, and meat, and drink, and milk, and butter, and cheese, and some dates of the valley, 16. And to his mother Rebecca also four times a year, between the times of the months, between ploughing and reaping, and between autumn and the rain (season) and between winter

p. 153

and spring, to the tower of Abraham. 17. For Isaac had returned from the Well of the Oath and gone up to the tower of his father Abraham, and he dwelt there apart from his son Esau. 18. For in the days when Jacob went to Mesopotamia, Esau took to himself a wife Mahalath, the daughter of Ishmael, and he gathered together all the flocks of his father and his wives, and went up and dwelt on Mount Seir, and left Isaac his father at the Well of the Oath alone. 1 19. And Isaac went up from the Well of the Oath and dwelt in the tower of Abraham his father on the mountains of Hebron, 20. And thither Jacob sent all that he did send to his father and his mother from time to time, all they needed, and they blessed Jacob with all their heart and with all their soul.


152:5 Cf. Gen. xxxi. 22.

152:6 Text corrupt. Latin has "from the Salt Sea."

152:7 Cf. 1 Macc. v. 52, xii. 10.

152:8 ? read "ascent" (cf. Num. xxxiv. 4; Josh. xv. 3). Judas fought in this district (of Idumea); cf. 1 Macc. v. 3.

153:1 Cf. Gen. xxviii. 9, xxxvi. 6, 8. In contrast with Jacob's conduct to his parents, Esau's is unfilial.

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