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Mastêmâ proposes to God that Abraham shall be put to the Proof (xvi. 15-18).

2003 A.M.
15. And it came to pass in the seventh week, in the first year thereof, in the first month in this jubilee, 4 on the twelfth of this month, there were voices in heaven regarding Abraham, that he was faithful in all that He told him, and that he loved the Lord, and that in every affliction he was faithful. 16. And the

p. 109

prince Mastêmâ 1 came and said before God, "Behold, Abraham loveth Isaac his son, and he delighteth in him above all things else; bid him offer him as a burnt-offering on the altar, and Thou wilt see if he will do this command, and Thou wilt know if he is faithful in everything wherein Thou dost try him." 17. And the Lord knew that Abraham was faithful in all his afflictions; for He had tried him through his country and with famine, and had tried him with the wealth of kings, and had tried him again through his wife, when she was torn (from him), and with circumcision, and had tried him through Ishmael and Hagar, his maid-servant, when he sent them away. 2 18. And in everything wherein He had tried him, he was found faithful, and his soul was not impatient, and he was not slow to act; for he was faithful and a lover of the Lord.


108:4 According to the chronology of our Book (Cf. xvi. 12 with this passage) Isaac was twenty-three years old when he was offered up; according to the Seder Olam. he was thirty-seven.

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