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The fine old doctrine--"Thou art our Shield!"

Make not Thy dwelling afar from us, O God;
  Lest they assail us that hate us without cause.
For Thou hast rejected them, O God;
  Let not their foot trample upon Thy holy inheritance.
Chasten us Thyself in Thy good pleasure;
  But give us not up to the nations;
For, if Thou sendest pestilence,
  Thou Thyself givest it charge concerning us;
For Thou art merciful,
  And wilt not be angry to the point of consuming us.

While Thy name dwelleth in our midst, we shall find mercy;
  And the nations shall not prevail against us.
For Thou art our shield,
  And when we call upon Thee, Thou hearkenest to us;
For Thou wilt pity the seed of Israel for ever
  And Thou wilt not reject them: p. 111
But we shall, be under Thy yoke for ever,
  And under the rod of Thy chastening.
Thou wilt establish us in the time that Thou helpest us,
  Showing mercy to the house of Jacob on the day wherein Thou didst promise to help them.

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