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A song of hope and fearlessness and peace.

Happy is the man whose heart is fixed to call upon the name of the Lord;
  When he remembereth the name of the Lord, he will be saved.
His ways are made even by the Lord,
  And the works of his hands are preserved by the Lord his God.
At what he sees in his bad dreams, his soul shall not be troubled;
  When he passes through rivers and the tossing of the seas, he shall not be dismayed.
He ariseth from his sleep, and blesseth the name of the Lord:
  When his heart is at peace, he singeth to the name of his God,
  And he entreateth the Lord for all his house.
And the Lord heareth the prayer of every one that feareth God,
  And every request of the soul that hopes for Him doth the Lord accomplish.

Blessed is the Lord, who showeth mercy to those who love Him in sincerity.

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