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This introduction appeared in later editions of this book. I was unable to find any evidence of a separate copyright.—JBH.



ONE of the high spiritual moments which have enriched my life came the day I read this book at one sitting. It was a moving and unforgettable experience in which I had the feeling of actually being in the presence of Jesus. It produced a strange compelling identification with the sights, sounds and atmosphere of those times and the Lord's presence was profoundly realistic. When I finished the book I came back to present reality with a start. This effect was created by the fact that here we have every recorded word spoken by Jesus and in the sequence in which he uttered them.

This little volume offers an amazing reading experience, one in which the reader follows the Master through the villages and about the lake and into the cities, hearing his priceless comments to individuals and his sermons to vast multitudes. The reading of all of his words at one time and in chronological order produces an effect quite different from that which is attained by reading isolated Scripture passages in which his spoken words appear, as profoundly helpful as these are. The impact upon mind and heart, of his whole massage, affects one profoundly.

¶This book gives a panoramic concept of the thoughts and teachings of Jesus. And so grand and noble is the impression made upon the mind that the reader has an enhanced understanding of the purpose of this the greatest life ever lived. For mental stimulation, heartfelt comfort, and soul satisfaction, The Complete Sayings of Jesus is unique.

¶I shall always be grateful that Lunsford P. Yandell made this little volume known to me years ago. He explained that a friend of his, a businessman, Arthur Hinds, sensed the importance of bringing the words of Jesus together in chronological form so that the full sweep and completeness of the immortal message might more effectively be felt and comprehended. These laymen had a keen consciousness of the ineffable power of the words of Jesus and, in a desire to relate them more widely to busy modern people, arranged them in this convenient and readable form. For many years this book has been made available through the literature sales organization of the Marble Collegiate Church. The thousands who have read the book, through our recommendation, have reported that it has brought great spiritual blessing to them. I commend this new edition to all who desire the creative touch of Christ upon their lives.

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