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Chronicles of Jerahmeel, by M. Gaster [1899], at

XLI. (1) I also find that during the first temple, in the time of Jotham, King of Judah, two brothers, Remus and Romilus, arose who were the first kings of Rome. They reigned thirty-eight years. (2) I also find in 'Ṣoḥer Tob' that their mother from the pains of travail died at their birth, and that God appointed a she-wolf to suckle them until they were grown up. Romulus built the city of Roma. He, the first king, then appointed 100 elders as

p. 102

counsellers. He also built a temple in Rome, and erected the walls of Rome. (3) After him, Huma (Numa) Pompilios (###) reigned for forty-one years. This Huma Pompilios added two months to the year, viz., Januarius and Febrius (###), for the Romans had originally but ten months to the year. After him Tullus Ostilius (###) reigned for thirty-two years. This Tullus, King of Rome, was the first to clothe himself in purple robes. (4) These are the seven kings that reigned in Rome: 1. Romulus; 2. Numa Pompilius; 3. Tullus Ostilius; 4. Ancus Marcus; 5. Tarquinius Priscus; 6. Servius (###); 7. Tarquinus (###). Their rule over Rome lasted altogether 240 years. After them Rome remained without a king for 464 years until the reign of Julius Caesar.

[Here finishes the 'Book of Genealogies.' I now commence the 'Chronicles of Moses, our Teacher.'

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