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Chronicles of Jerahmeel, by M. Gaster [1899], at

XXVIII. (1) These are the generations of Noah in their lands, according to their families, and according to their tongues. After the flood they were spread over the earth according to their nations. The children of Ham then went and appointed Nimrod to be a prince and a chief over them; while the children of Japheth appointed Pinḥas to be a prince and a chief over them. And the

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children of Ham appointed for themselves Yoqtan as their prince and chief. (2) These three chiefs came and took counsel together to assemble all their people while Noah their father was yet alive. And all the people accordingly drew near to them, and were as one body, and peace reigned in the land. (3) It came to pass, 640 years after Noah went out of the ark, that each chief numbered his people. Pinḥas numbered the children of Japheth and the children of Gomar, and the total number of those which Pinḥas numbered was 5,800; that of the children of Magog under him, 6,200; that of Madai under him, 5,700; that of the children of Tubal, 9,400; and the children of Meshech, 7,200; the children of Riphath numbered 11,500; those of Togarmah, 14,400; those of Elishah, 14,900; of Tarshish, 12,100; of Kittim, 18,300; of Dodanim, 17,700. The number of the children of Japheth, the men of war and the armour-bearers, as Pinḥas their prince had numbered them was 142,000, besides women and children. (4) Nimrod the chief numbered the children of Ham under his sway, and found them to be 12,600; the children of Misraim under him were, 24,900; the children of Phut, 27,700; of Canaan, 32,900; of Sheba, 4,300 (?); of Ḥavilah, 24,300; of Sabta, 25,300; of Ra‘amah, 30,600; of Sabtecha, 46,400. And the number of the children of Ham, according to the numbering of Nimrod the prince, was 492,000 valiant men who went out to war, besides the women and children. 1 (5) And the number of the children of Noah was 714,100. All these were numbered during the lifetime of Noah, and Noah lived after the flood 350 years. And all the days of Noah were 950 years, and he died.


60:1 N.B.—Shem has evidently dropped out in the MS.

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