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Jeremiah Chapter 37

Jeremiah 37:10

jer 37:10

And burn it - When God is resolved upon an effect, the instruments are little to be regarded. It is not the arm of flesh, but the power of God which is in that case to be considered.

Jeremiah 37:12

jer 37:12

Went forth - Jeremiah knowing the city would suddenly be taken, and that he could be no farther useful to the people, taking advantage of the withdrawing of the Chaldean army, resolves to go to his own country, to Anathoth, in the crowd of people that were going out.

Jeremiah 37:13

jer 37:13

Of Benjamin - The gate that looked toward the inheritance of that tribe.

Jeremiah 37:16

jer 37:16

The dungeon - The Hebrew words signify some pit, or deep hole, where were some cells or apartments, in which they were wont to keep those whom they judged great malefactors.

Jeremiah 37:17

jer 37:17

Is there - Hath God revealed any thing to thee, concerning the issue of the return of the Chaldean army.

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