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Jeremiah Chapter 20

Jeremiah 20:1

jer 20:1

Immer - The course of Immer was the sixteenth course of the priests, Ch1 24:14. Pashur was his son, that is descended from him.

Jeremiah 20:3

jer 20:3

Not called - God's meaning was, not that he should by men be no longer called Pashur, but that his condition should not answer that name Pashur, which signifies, a flourishing priest; but Magor - missabib, that is, fear and terror on all sides.

Jeremiah 20:7

jer 20:7

Hast prevailed - Thou prevailedst against me. Jeremiah at first excused himself to God, Jer 1:6, but the Lord prevailed against him replying, Jer 1:7, Say not, I am a child, for thou shalt go to all that I shall send thee, and whatsoever I command thee thou shalt speak, Jer 1:9. This is all that is here meant, namely, God's over - ruling him contrary to his own inclinations.

Jeremiah 20:8

jer 20:8

Since - Since I first began to be a prophet, I have faithfully discharged my office, and that with warmth and zeal. Spoil - I have prophesied that violence and spoil was coming. Because - Because of that scorn and derision with which they treated him.

Jeremiah 20:9

jer 20:9

I said - He did not speak this openly, but in his heart. But - He found in his heart a constraint to go on.

Jeremiah 20:10

jer 20:10

Prevail - Desiring nothing more than that I might be enticed to speak or do something which they might make matter of a colourable accusation.

Jeremiah 20:11

jer 20:11

But - The prophet recovering himself out of his fit of passion, encourageth himself in his God, whom he calls the mighty and terrible one, so declaring his faith in the power of God, as one able to save him, and in the promise and good will of God toward him; therefore he saith, The Lord is with me; such was the promise of God to this prophet, when he first undertook the prophetical office, Jer 1:8. Be not afraid of their faces, for I am with thee to deliver thee saith the Lord: from hence be concludes, that though he had many that pursued after his life, yet they should stumble in their ways of violence, and should not prevail. Ashamed - That they should be ashamed of what they had done, or be brought to shame for what they had done; for prosper they should not: or they acted like fools, and did not deal prudently for themselves (so this word is translated, Isa 52:13,) yea, they should become a reproach, and their reproach should be a lasting perpetual reproach that should not be forgotten.

Jeremiah 20:14

jer 20:14

Cursed - This sudden change makes some think that these words proceeded from Jeremiah rather as a repetition of a former passion into which the abuses of his enemies had put him, than as the immediate product of his spirit at this time.

Jeremiah 20:16

jer 20:16

The cities - Sodom and Gomorrah; by the cry in the morning and shouting at noon, he means the shouts and noises that enemies make when they break in upon a place.

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