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Jeremiah Chapter 13

Jeremiah 13:5

jer 13:5

So - Most think Jeremiah did this in a vision, for it was a very long journey from Anathoth to Euphrates.

Jeremiah 13:12

jer 13:12

Do we not know - This is no strange thing.

Jeremiah 13:13

jer 13:13

Behold - There is a wine of astonishment and confusion, Psa 60:3. With that wine, saith God, I will fill all orders of persons, kings, priests, prophets, and all the inhabitants of Jerusalem.

Jeremiah 13:16

jer 13:16

Give glory - Glorify God, by an humble confession of your sins, by submitting yourselves to God, humbling yourselves under his word, and under his mighty hand, before God brings upon you, his great and heavy judgments.

Jeremiah 13:19

jer 13:19

The cities - The cities of Judah lay southward from Chaldea.

Jeremiah 13:20

jer 13:20

Where - The prophet speaks to the king, or to the rulers. In the multitude of the people is the king's honour.

Jeremiah 13:21

jer 13:21

What wilt thou say - Thou wilt have nothing to say, but be wholly confounded when God shall visit thee with this sore judgment, for by thy so often calling them to thy assistance, thou hast taught them to be captains over thee.

Jeremiah 13:22

jer 13:22

Thy skirts - Probably these phrases are fetched from the usual practice of soldiers when they have conquered a place and taken prisoners, to strip them. By skirts is meant the lower part of their bodies covered with the lower part of their garments.

Jeremiah 13:26

jer 13:26

Therefore - I will expose thee to shame and contempt.

Jeremiah 13:27

jer 13:27

Thy whoredom - Thy idolatries.

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