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Titus Introduction


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Book Introduction - Titus

Writer: The Apostle Paul (Tit 1:1).

Date: Practically the same with First Timothy

Theme: Titus has much in common with First Timothy. Both Epistles are concerned with the due order of the churches. The distinction is that in First Timothy sound doctrine is more prominent Ti1 1:3-10 in Titus the divine order for the local churches Tit 1:5. The permanent use of these Epistles lies in this twofold application, on the one hand to churches grown careless as to the truth of God, on the other, to churches careless as to the order of God's house. The importance of this order is made solemnly emphatic in that the tests by which true elders and deacons may be known are repeated ; Ti1 3:1-7; Tit 1:6-9.

There are two divisions:

1. The qualifications and functions of elders (Titus 1:1-16).

2. The pastoral work of the true elder (Titus 2:1 - 3:15).

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