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Leviticus Chapter 3

Leviticus 3:1

lev 3:1


The peace-offering. The whole work of Christ in relation to the believer's peace is here in type. He made peace, (Col 1:20) proclaimed peace, (Eph 2:17) and is our peace, (Eph 2:14).

In Christ, God and the sinner meet in peace; God is propitiated, the sinner reconciled - both alike satisfied with what Christ has done. But all this at the cost of blood and fire. The details speak of fellowship. This brings in prominently the thought of fellowship with God through Christ. Hence the peace-offering is set forth as affording food for the priests (Lev 7:31-34). Observe that it is the breast (affections) and shoulders (strength) upon which we as priests (Pe1 2:9) feed in fellowship with the Father. This it is which makes the peace-offering especially a thank-offering. (Lev 7:11); (Lev 7:12).

Leviticus 3:4

lev 3:4


Fat appendage.

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