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Leviticus Introduction


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Book Introduction - Leviticus

Leviticus stands in the same relation to Exodus, that the Epistles do to the Gospels. Exodus is the record of redemption, and lays the foundation of the cleansing, worship, and service of a redeemed people. Leviticus gives the detail of the walk, worship, and service of that people. In Exodus God speaks out of the mount to which approach was forbidden; in Leviticus He speaks out of the tabernacle in which He dwells in the midst of His people, to tell them that which befits His holiness in their approach to, and communion with, Himself.

The key word of Leviticus is holiness, occurring 87 times. Key verse is Lev 19:2.

Leviticus is in nine chief divisions:

1. The Offerings (Leviticus 1 - 6:7).

2. The Law of the Offerings (Leviticus 6:8 - 7:38).

3. Consecration (Leviticus 8:1 - 9:24).

4. A Warning Example (Leviticus 10:1-20).

5. A Holy God Must Have a Cleansed People (Leviticus 11 - 15).

6. Atonement (Leviticus 16 - 17).

7. The Relationships of God's People (Leviticus 18 - 22).

8. The Feasts of Jehovah (Leviticus 23).

9. Instructions and Warnings (Leviticus 24 - 27).

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