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Job Chapter 42

Job 42:6

job 42:6

Wherefore I abhor myself

The problem, of which the book of Job is the profound discussion, finds here its solution. Brought into the presence of God, Job is revealed to himself. In no sense a hypocrite, but godly and possessing a faith which all his afflictions could not shake, Job was yet self-righteous and lacking in humility. Chapter 29 fully discloses this. But in the presence of God he anticipates, as it were, the experience of Paul. (Phi 3:4-9) and the problem is solved. The godly are afflicted that they may be brought to self-knowledge and self-judgment. Such afflictions are not penal for their sins, but remedial and purifying. The book of Job affords a sublime illustration of the truth announced in; (Co1 11:31); (Co1 11:32); (Heb 12:7-11). Best of all, such self-knowledge and self-judgment is the prelude to greater fruitfulness. (Job 42:7-17); (Joh 15:2).

Compare (Jos 5:13); (Jos 5:14); (Eze 1:28); (Eze 2:1-3); (Dan 10:5-11); (Rev 1:17-19).


(See Scofield) - (Zac 8:14).

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