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Job Chapter 4

Job 4:1

job 4:1


Eliphaz is a religious dogmatist whose dogmatism rests upon a mysterious and remarkable experience (Job 4:12-16). Did a spirit ever pass before Job's face? Did Job's hair of his flesh ever stand up? Then let him be meek while one so superior as Eliphaz declares the causes of his misfortunes. Eliphaz says many true things (as do the others), and often rises into eloquence, but he remains hard and cruel, a dogmatist who must be heard because of one remarkable experience.

Job 4:9

job 4:9


That is, by His anger, as (Isa 30:33); (Exo 15:8); (Job 1:19); (Job 15:30); (Isa 11:4); (Th2 2:8).

Job 4:18

job 4:18


(See Scofield) - (Psa 2:12).


(See Scofield) - (Psa 19:9).

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